Hardwood refinishing and sanding floors


What to know about hardwood refinishing and sanding floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you will need hardwood floor refinishing services at some point. This service not only gives you the intended lifespan these materials are known for, but it also improves visuals and décor matching. In addition, you can change stain color and finish type during the hardwood refinishing process for outstanding, trendy options that keep giving.

Learning more about this process can help you know what to expect when it’s time to refinish. You’ll know about sanding, staining, textures, and protective coatings, which can give you a great result. Here are some facts that will enhance your knowledge and help you move forward with wood floor refinishing.

What is the hardwood floor refinishing service?

Refinishing strips away years of damage and wear from your hardwood floors and adds a new look and protective top layer. The process takes some time, but it can add decades to your floor's lifespan. Hardwood floor refinishing is one of the reasons your hardwood can last more than 100 years before replacement is necessary.



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What happens during hardwood refinishing?

The hardwood floor refinishing service starts with an assessment, where we determine your specific needs before any work begins. We’ll also discuss your preferred results before we start the first step of sanding floors. After sanding, we can add a new stain color, finish, and protective top coat. Many homeowners choose a textured finish, such as hand-scraped, vintage, or distressed, as these help guard against scratching and scuffing. You'll see fewer signs of damage with a textured finish, which means you may only need to refinish less often. You can add extra protection to your newly refinished surface by using well-placed runners and area rugs, especially in areas of high traffic or child's play.

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All Pro Interiors is proud to offer extensive wood floor refinishing products and services to ensure your complete flooring satisfaction in every room of your home. We believe in quality flooring at affordable rates, including the services to keep them looking and performing their best. We also have design specialists who can help you create stylish options quickly and easily.

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